Hired Helper

Have you planned your entire day already and are just looking for 1 or 2 ladies to come and help serving tea or coffee, waitress, wash up or just generally tidy!  We had Louise and Jean at our wedding doing just this and the day just would not have possible without them.  There is only so much you can ask your guests to serve themselves.  There needs to be people in the background helping out with the 'logistics' of the day. 

Hiring waiters and waitresses online over the internet is VERY expensive - and who knows who you will get in your house, around all of your personal things and guests on your special day?!  

If you use us, we can work together to create an itinerary and have a complete run through of the day to check that everything will run smoothly.  We can make the day's itinerary, or you can just tell us where you want us and when.  We're very flexible and are just here to make sure YOUR wedding is what YOU want. 

If you're looking for some strong men to assist with moving heavy furniture, put marquees up - then we know just the blokes! 

We offer an amazing service at very very reasonable prices.  We don't charge the earth that some catering companies do.... we just provide honest, trustworthy and reliable people to make your day run more smoothly.

We can assist with almost anything and definitely not limited to: 

  • Serving Drinks

  • Bar Staff

  • Waiting Staff

  • Washing up

  • Cleaning

  • Tidying

  • Moving furniture

  • Custom made wedding cocktails (served in jam jars if you wish!)